Mrs. Surekha Reddy

Founder Secretary

  About Spandana  

SPANDANA is non-profit non-commercial voluntary organisation dedicated to the welfare of the mentally challenged Established in 1999, the institute is managed by a team of commited professionals interested in the welfare of the mentally disadvantaged The institute operattes a day care and residential center for both boys and girls with mental retardation and Hearing lmpairment

Tailormade educational programmes provides these students which help them function as independently as possible on a day today basis to start with 2 students in 1999 today the institute is serving 54 challenged persons.

Aims and objectives

  • To identify the rehabilitation needs of persons with mental handicap and Hearing lmpairment
  • To provide multi disciplpnary intervention facilities with systematic and qualified professional guidance
  • To educate and impart pre-vocational and vocational guidance
  • To provide support and encouragemrnt to parents and other members of the family to deal with their problems.
  • To work with Government and the public to secure more support for those challenged
  • To bring the parents of this group under an association of their own to work for their carw training treatment and rehabilitation
  • To create public awareness understanding students are introduced to concepts such as time colour and trained in dressing personal hygiene eating and so on Yoga speech therapy and physiotherapy are provided according to the need For older children who can cope up vocational training is arranged Excursion and picnics for the whole group provide opportunities to develop social behavior skills and learn to interact with the outside world
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